Woman Who Did 'Vampire Facelifts' Arrested After Customer Dies

One woman maybe hoping to look like Kim Kardashian reportedly lost her life over it. The woman was getting a procedure done at a place that advertised "vampire facelifts" -- which Kim made famous -- but never made it out of the office. Hamilet Suarez reportedly went to get some kind of cosmetic procedure done at massage therapist Sandra Gonzalez's office and went into cardiac arrest. Cops aren't sure if it was the vampire facelift -- in which your own blood is extracted and then injected into your face -- that caused her death, but either way, it's never a good idea to get any cosmetic procedure done that requires needles or other tools from anyone but a doctor.


Gonzalez apparently rented a room at a barbershop and was not licensed to perform medical procedures such as Botox and filler injections. Vampire facelifts not only use your own blood -- which sounds totally disgusting -- but also Hyaluronic acid.

According to VampireFacelift.com, the technician "isolates growth factors" from a patient's blood, which are injected into the patient's face to activate "multi-potent stem cells."

While none of this sounds very good if in the hands of an unlicensed person, it doesn't sound very good at all. Who knows what chemical reactions happen to your blood after it is extracted? And then it's put into your face?

Still ... you wouldn't think cardiac arrest could happen. Cops are refraining from saying this is what caused her death though until the coroner's report comes back.

This wouldn't be the first time that injections have caused death or major damage though. Women have died after getting butt injections. One woman died after traveling from England to Philadelphia to get her butt fattened up in Hampton Inn. Note: If your procedure is being done in a hotel room or a barbershop, steer clear. Yes, these procedures are usually less expensive, but it's not worth the risk.

Stick with a licensed professional like a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. The money you save is definitely not worth your life.

There's also the option of just going with what God gave you.


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