Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' Video Features Her Most Disturbing Style Yet (WATCH)

katy perry grill dark horseOh, Katy Perry, always trying to be edgy and shocking in an offbeat but pop culture-approved way ... I love her effort, but man, sometimes girl strikes out big time and leaves us seriously cringing.

Take, for instance, her latest troubling fashion risk ... This here blinged-out grill that Katy rocks in the new teaser for her "Dark Horse" music video that the pop star debuted today. It looks like her veneers got into a nasty fistfight with a Bedazzler. Not cute. Not cute at all.


Fugly grill aside, the video -- which will release in its entirety next Thursday, February 20 -- has an "ancient Egyptian" theme, and apparently, Katy fancies herself as "Katy-patra." Agh.

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While she's no Elizabeth Taylor, I could've gotten behind Katy as a modernized incarnation of the legendary Egyptian queen. If only she hadn't crossed the line with that horrendous grill. Why, Katy, why? She would have looked so glam otherwise!

Also, what sort of statement is that making anyway? So confused! We can only keep our fingers crossed the full video will shed some light on the thought process behind the nightmarish style choice ...

In the meantime, here's the teaser:


What do you make of her disturbing, bejeweled grill?


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