​Model in a Wheelchair Makes Disability Glamorous at Fashion Week (PHOTO)

dr. danielle sheypuk fashion weekWhen we think of New York Fashion Week, we tend to think of rail-thin runway models, celebs galore, Vogue editor Anna Wintour holding court, and loads of haute couture. But this year it was about something more ... at least at designer Carrie Hammer's show, where clinical psychologist Dr. Danielle Sheypuk made history by becoming the first model in a wheelchair to hit a New York Fashion Week runway.

Hammer told HuffPost of her decision to involve Sheypuk: "I made the decision to cast 'role models not runway models.' It is so important to me that women have positive body image and are empowered in work and their life." And she decided to practice what she preaches by bringing Sheypuk, who has used a wheelchair since age 2, on board!


Sheypuk says of her involvement:

People with disabilities need to see it. It's a confidence booster. It's like, 'if she's doing it, I can do it. Who cares about my wheelchair?'

So awesome! And so amazing to hear that she was greeted with an incredibly warm, celebratory reception when she took to the runway. Hammer said that during the show, everyone had "chills" and "left very empowered."

Sheypuk hashtagged her Instagrammed images "#disabilityglam" -- love it! -- and said she was thrilled to be on the runway and felt natural and confident, explaining:

I was just another model in a show, and that's exactly what I wanted.

She most definitely got her wish, and hopefully, her involvement will open new doors for others with disabilities!

Do you think a move like this was long overdue?

Image via Danielle Sheypuk/Instagram

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