Flat Iron: What Works Best on Your Hair?

flat iron

Photo from Folica.com

If you use a flat iron, you might be wondering what is the best one to straighten your hair. There are so many out there and they can cost anything from around $10 to over $100! Are the more expensive ones really the best? 

I found this great question posed to CafeMoms from an anonymous member: What is the best straightening iron to use for your hair?  Wondering if yours made the list?


CookieMom108 and oliviasmomma09 love CHI. I found a CHI ceramic flat iron on sale for $74.99 at Folica.com.

caitxrawks gets her locks straight by using Tigi Bed Head Tourmaline Straightener, $69.95 from Folica.com. 

munch12502 prefers ghd styling iron, $195 from Sephora.

I have the Revlon Perfect Heat Professional Straightener, $23.39 from Target. But I have to admit that I don't use it that much.

What kind of flat iron do you use? Which one do you think is the best?

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