6 Common Beauty Fails That Are Total Turnoffs

Beauty_FailsAs women, we all have a different way we like to get fancy. Whether it's just your average day or a jazzy night on the town -- a fresh face of makeup or the right outfit can totally change a lady's attitude for the better. The only problem? Sometimes things we think look fabulous, well, they're actually sort of a nuisance. And the person who may notice more than you like? Your man.

Whether it's clumpy mascara or caked-on foundation, check out these 6 major beauty fails that are major turn-offs, and how to fix them.


1. Clumpy mascara: Sure, an extra coat of mascara can really amp up those lashes and add some pizzazz to your look. But one-too-many coats of the thick stuff can make you look like a Twiggy wannabe (and NOT in the good way).
The fix? Run a lash comb through your lashes before heading out the door. A super cheap investment ($15, sephora.com), you're much better spending the money than walking out a clumptastic mess.

2. Self-tanner overload: Oh man. There's nothing worse than a harsh orange complexion.
The fix? The best way to get rid of a bad glow is exfoliating. Try your best to use a mild exfoliant with a loofah so you're not over-irritating the skin. If that doesn't work, taking a dip in a pool (the chemicals, including chlorine, help strip skin of the coloring) can do wonders.

3. Foundation gone wrong: Foundation can be your best friend, covering up an uneven complexion in just seconds. But caking on too much is never a good look, especially if it ends up on your man's collar.
The fix? Try using something lighter to even out your skin tone, like a CC cream. Kill two birds with one stone using Sephora's CC Care and Color Cream ($25, sephora.com) that combines coverage with moisture for a smooth appearance.

4. Smokey eye disaster: There's no arguing that the perfect smoky eye is an acquired and talented skill. A few wrong sweeps of the brush, and your eye makeup will look like a costume rather than sexy.
The fix? Take the time to go to your local beauty store or department store makeup counter and get a little lesson. The makeup artists are usually more than willing to teach you a thing or two, whether or not you want to buy the product.

5. Smeared lipstick: Oh man. There's nothing more embarrassing than going for some drama with a bold lipstick and having it smear all across your face without knowing the damage is done. Sure, men love lookin' at a good set of lips, but the LAST thing they want is that bold look on their face or, even worse -- their clothing. (Hey, sometimes you just can't control yourself, right?)
The fix: Go through the extra steps to make sure your lipstick is set and won't rub off. Check out these no-smudge lipstick tricks; your man will appreciate the gesture.

6. Stiff hair: We don't blame you for wanting to make sure your style stays put. But he might. There's nothing sexy about your man going to grab your strands in a fit of passion and getting a handful of what feels like plastic.
The fix: If you need to cement down your style, opt for a loose hold hairspray like Herbal Essences Naked Flexible Hold Spritzer ($5.99, soap.com). This will give you the flexibility and hold of your favorite heavy product, without the hard-to-touch exterior.

What are the most frightening beauty fails you've ever seen? What crimes are you guilty of yourself?

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