Dakota Fanning Flaunts Major Cleavage to Remind Us She's Not a Child Anymore (PHOTO)

dakota fanning fashion weekAs far as most of us are concerned, Dakota Fanning is forever frozen in time as a 10-year-old. Doesn't matter that she's been acting in more adult roles for a while now. (She wasn't exactly a little girl in the Twilight franchise.) Once a child actor, always a child ... unless you go all Miley Cyrus on the world and twerk half-naked in front of as huge an audience as you can manage to get in front of, right? Well, that's obviously only one way of breaking out of a squeaky-clean, youthful stereotype. The way Dakota seems to want to do it is much more subtle than Miley. But still, she's made some eyeballs bug out!

The 19-year-old actress stepped out at the Rodarte spring 2014 show at New York Fashion Week wearing a nude tank and coordinated high-low skirt, knit cardigan, beaded necklace, funky, mismatched black and white pumps, and an eyeful of cleavage!

She might as well have worn a sign that blared, "Attention, world! I'm not a little girl anymore!" (The display is also kinda out of the blue that you almost can't help but wonder ... could they be fake? Hope not!)

But obvious fashion "statement" aside, the rest of the outfit was demure enough to tone down the look overall ... I'm a fan. It's feminine, fresh, young, just enough wink-wink sexy. Pretty. And yes, actually very age-appropriate. She obviously had Vogue EIC Anna Wintour's seal of approval, too, because they were looking quite chatty and BFF-y. Who knows, Dakota may very well be the next fashion "it" girl!

Regardless, whether we believe it or not, Dakota Fanning's now old enough to vote and smoke, so I think we can be okay with her flaunting more ample, womanly décolletage. Besides, considering what some of her Hollywood peers have been up to and wearing lately, she looks practically Puritanical.

What do you think about Dakota's more grownup style debut?

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nonmember avatar JoJo

I think she looks great! And this is the way you show you are not a kid anymore opposed to Miss Cyrus and her MTV debacle.

Lynette Lynette

not a flattering color for her

BGarcel BGarcel

I wore something that looked a lot like that but in a different color to some sort of middle school dance. So, I kinda find it boring.

Entre... EntrepeneurMom

She still looks like a child, facially.

angel... angelachristine

That color is not flattering on her at all.

Randi... Randijt154

She was a cute kid...

Kim Hunn Budnick

It says a lot about you that the first thing you notice is her chest. It's a pretty sad way to treat a beautiful young woman.

nonmember avatar me

Yeah,, I dont care for the color. And youre right, shes still like 12 in my mind lol but I dont find this bad, its still almost boring, but shes always been more plain than flashy. I like her though. Way more humble and a much better actress than most of her peers

angel... angelofsaturn

She looks washed out.

I do like the shoes tho.

nonmember avatar jimpeel

They actually call THAT major cleavage?


This is major cleavage.


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