Jennifer Lopez Looks Hotter Than Ever in Tiny Shorts & Fishnets (PHOTO)

Jennifer LopezUm ... damnnnnn! Check out how ridiculously smokin' hot Jennifer Lopez's crop top and multi-colored shorts are. She strutted her stuff in this sexy get-up while shooting the new FIFA World Cup anthem music video with Pitbull, and I gotta say -- she looks about 25 years old. Or at least not a day over 30. Did I mention she's 44?

This outfit is not easy to pull off as it is, but throw in the fact that she's had twins and I feel like we should all get up out of our seats and applaud her for managing to stay in such amazing shape. (And she's toned and healthy looking, so it's not like she doesn't work her ass off to look this good.)


And if that photo isn't enough to make your jaw drop, you should see the shots of Jen in skin-tight hot pants with her butt hanging out the back a little bit. (Very subtle.)

It's next to impossible to get away with wearing something like that if you have even the slightest trace of cellulite going on. Whatever the heck she's drinking to keep her body so tight and fit needs to be bottled up and sold to the masses. 

And let's not forget to touch on her tousled, wild hair -- which ups her sex appeal and in-your-face hotness even more. 

Gah. Who wants to come back as J.Lo in their next life? I do! I do! (Raises hand.)

Do you think Jen looks sexy or like she's trying too hard?


Image via Splash

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