​Taylor Swift Chops Her Hair Off Even More & Is Super Annoying About It (PHOTO)

As someone who has rocked the same long hairstyle for years, it's understandable that Taylor Swift took a few baby steps to get to the ultimate bob haircut she debuted on her Instagram yesterday. I mean, lots of us can relate. She first tested the waters in December, when she sort of cut her hair into a lob. She looked lovely, but it didn't look all that different, if we can be honest. Her latest chop is the real deal, though, and it looks fantastic. I want to be more enthusiastic here, but being Taylor Swift, she went and did something so Taylor Swiftian (in other words: annoying) that it kind of takes away from the enjoyable experience of witnessing her try out a different look. 


So, first, the good: Taylor looks amazing with her new bob, which brings out her hair's natural wave and allows her to finally push her bangs aside, as they now appear to be incorporated into the rest of her cut. It's a more mature look for the singer -- and one I think she desperately needs. And maybe it's just the lighting in this photo, but doesn't her hair appear to be a little more honey-blonde and less California blonde?

Judging by Taylor's photo caption, she seems to love her new 'do: "London, I could never thank you enough. See you next time! PS: short hair, don't care. (!!!)"

Good for her! 

Now, this is what makes her the most annoying person on earth: Taylor couldn't just get a haircut and then post a photo, like any other human might. No, instead, she needed the moral support and encouragement of 25 of her closest friends/colleagues/whatevertheyare. She posted a short video clip of her people, who were all standing backstage cheering and holding cameras -- waiting with bated breath to witness the monumental moment Taylor would snip off five inches of her glorious hair. 

Oh, for goodness' sake. You almost had me totally excited for you, Taylor. Almost. 

What do you think of Taylor's new haircut? Have you ever needed moral support while getting your hair cut?


Image via Instagram

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