7 No-Fail Tips for Curling Your Hair With a Flat Iron (VIDEO)

How to Get Gorgeous Curls With a Flat IronIt seems natural to think you need a curling iron in order to achieve gorgeous, voluminous curls -- but this is a total myth! One of the most popular and effective ways straight-haired girls can change up their look with loose, sexy curls is by plugging in our flat irons and allotting no more than (I promise!) 10 minutes to the actual act of curling. I know what you're thinking: this is totally impossible; it takes me an hour to properly curl my hair. Remember, the goal isn't corkscrew-curl perfection. It's a tousled, casual look that you won't be afraid to run your fingers through.

Here are 7 simple tips for curling your hair using a flat iron.


1. Do not wash your hair right before you curl. Your hair's natural oils will help lock in your style.

2. Spray your hair with a good heat protectant serum or spray like TiGi Bed Head Spoil Me ($11.75 at Amazon). You want to prevent your hair from drying out and splitting.

3. Invest in a good flat iron like Revlon Amber Waves Dual-Edge Straightener ($20.06 at Walmart). A bad iron will only prolong the time it takes you to produce good curls, damage your hair, AND cause a frizzy mess.

4. Separate your hair into two sections. Starting from the back and, making your way to the front, curl only about 1 to 1.5 inches of hair at a time.

5. Don't place your iron near your scalp! Instead, clamp the iron down on each section of hair about 1/4 of the way down from the scalp. 

6. Wrap your hair once around the iron ...

7. ... and pull the iron through your hair.

That's it, guys! That's all it takes to go from pin-straight to va-va-va-voom curl!

Bet you thought that would be more difficult, didn't you? Check out this awesome hair tutorial, which shows a girl completely transforming her look within minutes. 

Have you ever tried to curl your hair using a flat iron?


Images via Ada Summer/Corbis & YouTube

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