Is Matching Your Bra & Underwear the Key to Feeling Attractive?

bras and panties

I know that at 36, I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore -- but the other day while I was getting dressed, I realized I could probably put a little more effort into trying to make myself feel remotely sexy.

And I'm not talking about getting my ass over to the gym to try and tone up and shed a few pounds -- although that would certainly help matters too.

And I'm also not referring to my typical work-at-home mom attire. Let's face it -- I'm not about to put on a skirt and heels when I'm not planning on moving from the kitchen island all day.

But there is one simple thing I know would work wonders and would make me feel put together, borderline hot, and also a little bit naughty.


Duh. Splurging on a bunch of matching bras and panties so I never wind up looking all sorts of conflicted under my clothes.

OMG. Do yours match every day? Because it's something I've always wanted to do, but I can never seem to justify spending the extra cash or putting the extra effort in each morning to make sure they're paired appropriately together.

Besides, nobody sees my bra and underwear other than me, so who really cares whether they match or not? I care. I CARE ... damnit!

Even if nobody else ever lays eyes on my unmentionables, simply knowing that I've got all sorts of color and lace coordination going on under my sweater and jeans would probably be enough to give me a confidence boost.

You know how you instantly feel better about yourself when you throw on a cute outfit in lieu of yoga pants? Or when you take a few extra minutes to put on a little makeup and run a comb through your hair? Yeah. I'm guessing that's how the matching lingerie thing works too.

So just for shits and giggles, I think I'll go out and purchase myself a few matching sets in the spirit of Valentine's Day. If nothing else, at least it gives me a good excuse to take some time for myself and go on a shopping spree. (And that's enough to make any gal feel sexy.)

Do your bras and panties always match?


Image via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr

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