7 Tips for Long-Lasting Lipstick That Will Make Those Kisses Even Better

No_Smudge_Lipstick_TricksWhen it comes to a sexy night on the town, nothing completes a gorgeous ensemble like the right makeup. Sure, a flawless smoky eye can totally change your look, but in the wintertime especially, there's nothing more daring than bold lips. Whether you're into crimson or red, coral or plum -- the right bright lip can bring your look from average to va-va-vooooom!

The problem with that standout pout? The color rubbing off. Lipstick smeared across a woman's face (especially when she has no clue) -- hello Awkward City! Well, what if I were to tell you there is a way to get that lipstick to stay on through meals and even a steamy make-out sesh? Really. Check out our 7 easy tips to making your lipstick last, here:


1. It's more than just what brand you choose: Granted, there are longer-wearing lipstick brands than others. However, just because a brand says their product is smudge-proof and costs a fortune doesn't mean it's true. Surprisingly enough, one of my go-to lipstick brands is the low-cost Wet 'n' Wild. Their MegaLast Mega Lipsticks ($1.95, walgreens.com) come in loads of funky, bright colors and totally rock.

2. Start with a primer: Even your lips need a little extra moisture before slathering on the color. Starting with a lip primer (I adore Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer, $19, sephora.com) provides the foundation for maximum staying power. A nice coat of this, and your color is much less likely to fade, feather, or transfer to other surfaces.

3. Get to lining: And not just the outer edges, either. Using a lip liner on the entire lip (yes, even the center of your pout) will provide the perfect base before you get lipstick happy. Chubbier liners (think NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $25, sephora.com) make the whole process a lot easier. After the lips are completely lined with a color a shade lighter than your lipstick, make sure to blot the excess color on a tissue.

4. The main event: Carefully apply the lipstick to your lips, making sure to follow your natural curves. After you've achieved an even coat -- blot the lipstick until none comes off on the tissue. Don't worry if your lips look uneven at this point.

5. Set it with some powder: Using a brush that you ONLY use for your lips (you probably don't want your lip color on your cheeks later on!), take a neutral powder foundation and brush it across your lips. This helps set the lipstick in place.

6. Your top coat: Then apply a second coat of lipstick. You'll immediately feel a difference with the way this coat goes on. Again, blot until your lipstick does not come off on a tissue. This time, your lipstick should look even and you should be ready to slip on your heels, channel your inner Beyonce, and get goin'.

7. Do a test run: Following these tips will definitely help a lady out, but don't wait until the night you want to rock a perfect pout before takin' 'em for a test drive. Just because you've got the no-smudge routine down doesn't mean the colors you have at home are perfect for your skin tone. Go to a makeup counter. Have some fun. Go on, you deserve it.

Do you have any no-smudge tips yourself? Does your man love or loathe when you wear lipstick?


Image via TaniaSaiz/Flickr

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