Wearing Red Lipstick to the Grocery Store Totally Made a Difference

Yesterday, I did something totally out of character: I wore bright red lipstick to the grocery store in the middle of the day. And you know what? It was an enlightening experience!

OK, OK, I know -- this isn't exactly earth shattering, ground breaking activity here. It's not as if I never wear makeup (in fact, I wear it on a daily basis). It's also not as if OTHER people don't wear bold red lips on a casual Sunday afternoon. But moi? I generally save red lipstick for New Year's Eve or a really special date night. NOT a trip to the grocery store. So what changed my mind? 


It was an accident! Sort of! I'll explain: My daughter and I were invited to an afternoon Valentine's Day card-making party at a crafty friend's house. The invitation said to dress festively, so I dug out a pair of dangly earring with hearts, and decided to go wild and crazy and wear some bright red lipstick. I felt a little hesitant; after all, it was only 1 pm on a Sunday afternoon, and I was going to a house filled with moms and kids ... but it seemed fun. What the heck, right? YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

I happened to have a new product to try: MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Rich lipstick in ... wait for it ... "Everyday Diva." How perfect is that? Anyway. It went on beautifully, and I totally recommend it. I felt fun and pretty wearing it, and I got a couple of compliments at the party, so hooray. But then, at around 4:30, on our way home, we had to stop at the dreaded grocery store to pick up dinner supplies and stock up for the next few days. AUGH. Right?

Normally this is just one of those annoying chores that I feel guilty complaining about, but still dread. But somehow, with a fresh coat of "Everyday Diva," wandering the aisles looking for "lunch stuff" just felt more fun than usual. Instead of extinguishing the fun party vibe we had, we carried it on through our grocery shopping experience. It was great! I felt festive, and let me tell you, festive is pretty much the last word that springs mind when I think about the grocery store.

I am definitely going to bust out that red lipstick more often. Something little like that, with the right sense of humor, can really elevate the everyday into something, oh, a little more diva-like. And why not?!

Do you wear lipstick to do errands?

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