The Weird, Gross Thing That Totally Transformed My Hair

squidAre you one of those people who has naturally straight, gorgeous hair -- where you can even let it air dry after a shower and it winds up looking amazing?

Yeah ... that's not me. If I don't blow out my hair with a round brush each and every single time I wash it, it winds up looking like a frizzy hot mess.

Or at least that was the case before I went out on a limb and tried something bizarre and borderline icky. It has totally calmed down my hair and made it soft, shiny, and manageable again.


It's a hair care line called Jellua, and it's made from ... wait for it -- squid ink.

Yes, squid ink. The shampoo is black and kind of transparent, just like you'd picture ink to be. And the conditioner, while creamier, still has a grayish-black hue. But even though it sounds a bit ridiculous -- I cannot even believe how much healthier my hair looks and feels now that I've been lathering on the ink for a few months.

Granted, I still have to blow dry it -- but instead of getting all round brush happy, I can just kind of pull it straight with my fingers and then finish with the brush at the end as opposed to styling it for so long it feels like my arm is going to fall off.

It's almost like I've had a keratin treatment or one of those Brazilian blowouts. Now I'm so addicted to the stuff that I'm not sure I can ever go back to using anything else.

But seriously -- if you told me that all I needed to do to finally make my hair look good again was to lather it up with something that comes out of a slimy ocean creature? I would've looked at you like you had two heads. And honestly, when I first pumped the stuff out of the bottle, I was scared it would turn my blond strands black. It's just so ... strange!

Though now that I'm a believer, I'd probably try just about any beauty product that has any sort of marine-related ingredient. If squid ink works this well, who knows what other beauty treasures are lurking in the sea.

Would you try something as wacky as squid ink on your hair?


Image via Colin-47/Flickr

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