Julianne Hough Dares to Take Out Extensions to Show Off New Pixie Cut

julianne houghThe adorable Julianne Hough usually has long hair, but she went and did something that appears to be quite the trend. She cut it all off.

It's not Miley Cyrus style. Perhaps it's a little more like Jennifer Lawrence's look. Maybe even Pam Anderson. But before she went and showed off her pixie cut, she revealed to the world that she wears hair extensions. And then she went and attached them to her eyebrows.


Such a jokester! Love the moustache.

Julianne was seen out and about with her pixie haircut in Beverly Hills. Apparently she was makeup free, but wearing sunglasses. Back in April of last year, Julianne cut her hair into a sweet bob. I'm not sure what look I like best. Can I just say all?

She's 25. She's got that gorgeous face. Those big pretty eyes. She can rock just about any hairstyle and look great. I wonder if Ryan Seacrest is eating his heart out.

What do you think of Julianne's pixie?


Image via Jules Hough/Instagram

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