4 Horrendous Blue Eye Makeup Fails & How To Correct Them (PHOTOS)

Judging by the Spring 2014 runways, blue eyeshadow and eyeliner will continue to be super hot next season, which probably doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot to the majority of us who are scared out of our minds to try this trend. Rather than experimenting, most of us stick to our neutral beige and browns because we assume we'll just look like 1980s pin-up girls with electric-blue eyes. But it doesn't have to be that way! Sapphire and navy toned eye makeup can look totally fresh and modern, as long as you avoid a few commonly made mistakes. Here are 4 of the biggest blue eye makeup offenses and tips on how to correct them so you look on-trend and gorgeous. 


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  • 4 Tricks to Gorgeous Blue Eye Makeup


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  • Mistake #1: Wearing Too Much Makeup At Once


    Too much of a good thing is a really bad thing when it comes to wearing heavy makeup that competes with your blue eyeshadow or mascara. On this model, a few strategically-placed blue faux lashes and a swipe of blue liner close to the lash line are all that is needed to make her eyes pop and look interesting. But she is caked in bronzer and blush, which just makes her blue eyes look overdone.

  • Correction: Keep Cheeks & Lips Bare


    Image via pumpkincat210/Flickr

    A light lip gloss and swipe of pretty pink or peach blush are all you need to bring out the drama of blue eye makeup.

  • Mistake #2: Don't Match Your Eyes to Your Makeup


    You wouldn't wear yellow and take a photo in front of a canary background -- the same rule applies if you have blue eyes and want to try out this makeup trend. Matching your eye shade to a shadow or liner isn't going to make your eyes pop -- it's just going to make them look blah.

  • Correction: Choose Blue Tones That Complement Your Eye Color


    If you have light blue peepers, you'll look stunning with a combination of darker blue and indigo eye makeup shades. Ladies with dark blue eyes can really make them stand out by opting for hues that contain green in them. Don't be afraid to mix your blue eye makeup with other colors that complement your eyes. 

  • Mistake #3: Too Much Shimmer = Vegas Showgirl


    Save the razzle dazzle for Halloween. if you're trying to look fashion-forward and fresh, glittery blue eyeshadow isn't going to cut it. This goes double if you have mature skin -- all that shimmer will draw unwanted attention to fine lines. 

  • Correction: Stick With Matte Shades


    Image via Debs/Flickr

    Matte blue tones that incorporate a softer, paler shade -- like this light yellow -- at the inner corner of the eye can work both during the day and at night. 

  • Mistake #4: Smudgy Eyeliner


    A little smudge below the eye can be kind of sexy, can't it? But when you're wearing blue eyeliner, it's really easy to jump from sexpot to 80s street urchin. Contain your smudge.

  • Correction: Brush Blue Powder Beneath Your Bottom Lashes


    Skip the liner altogether. A dusting of turquoise or light-blue shadow beneath your bottom lashes is swank, sexy, and clean. 

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