Beyonce's 'Wet Bob' Is So Hot Right Now: Get It in 5 Easy Steps

beyonce grammys 2014From the Master Cleanse to what some seem to think is a whole new era of feminism, Beyonce can basically start new trends in her sleep. Hence why obviously her wet 'n' wild Grammys performance hairdo is making waves. Some are calling it "surfbort hair," while others have given it a label that is basically destined to be "The Rachel" of our day: "The Wob," or wet bob.

Yeah, it doesn't exactly sound sexy, but sound shmound! It's still the hottest thing around. Since Bey did it, we've seen other celebs (like Miley Cyrus in W Magazine and House of Cards star Kate Mara) come out of the woodwork in the look.


Hairstylist Patrick Melville calls it "an edgy, downtown, sexy look. It’s kind of one of those things you would wear to a cool party, or out to a club, or if you’re going dancing. You wouldn’t want to go to the office party looking like that.” Good call.

If you do want to do it up for that "cool party," here's the secret to the ultimate wob via stylist Rodney Cutler ...

    1. Wash it: Start out by washing hair, then gently removing excess moisture by dabbing it with a towel.
    2. Blow dry it: Then, blow dry your hair with a diffuser until it is just about 60 to 80 percent dry.
    3. Oil it: Next, drench with oil like Redken Outshine 01. Bey's longtime hairstylist Kim Kimble reportedly got the look by spritzing the diva's 'do with Pantene Advanced Plus Keratin Repair Keragloss Oil Mist ($13.99, Start with ends and working up to the roots. (Use a lighter hand if you want a less severe wob.)
    4. Comb it: Using a medium-width comb, work the oil through the hair, and separate the hair into sections about an inch apart.
    5. Shine it: Add the final glossy touch with a shine product like Redken Diamond Oil, twirling it through each section of hair to create separation.

And boom -- sexy, wet look without actually walking outside with wet hair!

Would you try the "wob"? Do you think it'll really catch on with us non-celeb mere mortals?

Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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