Jessica Alba's Sweatshirt & Leather Combo Could Be a Hot New Trend (PHOTO)

Jessica AlbaWhen it comes to dressing up for a night out on the town, most of us don't automatically gravitate toward things like sweats, yoga pants, and anything that could remotely be considered dull or frumpy.

But after seeing Jessica Alba rock a sweatshirt and leather skirt at the City of Beverly Hills Centennial party on Wednesday, it's obvious that comfort and sexy really can go hand in hand.

Where in the heck did she get the idea to put these two opposite fabrics together? I mean, if you were going to throw on a leather skirt, would you really think to grab a sweatshirt to go along with it ... with a tiger on the front, nonetheless?

Probably not.


But something about this outfit is just so chic and fun, I can't help but dig it. It's like it says, "Yeah, I want to look hot but I also want to feel cozy on my big night out on the town ..." or something.

Oh, and I can't forget to talk about her fabulous boots, or that cute clutch that totally brings out the green in her sweatshirt. (Nice touch, Jess.)

The heels on those things definitely aren't for the faint of heart, but she's a pro, so I'm sure she had no problem staying upright for the entire evening.

But I guess the best part of this whole ensemble is that all she had to do was kick off the boots and put on some comfy pants once she got home and boom -- she was all dolled up in sleepwear in a matter of seconds.

Would you ever think to pair leather with a sweatshirt?


Image via Splash

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