'Vanderpump Rules' Star Has a New Look As Razor Sharp As She Is (PHOTO)

Stassi SchroederStassi Schroeder is, without question, the best thing to emerge from Vanderpump Rules. Her wits, attitude, and killer fashion sense make her one to watch for sure. For those of us on the East Coast, she's made that a lot easier for us -- since she just moved to New York City. She recently shared some new pics on Instagram showing off her fresh new hairstyle to go with her move from the opposite coast -- and it's adorable.

While Stassi could easily go through life being one of those broads with ridiculously awesome amounts of long hair, she decided to chop off some of her length. I'm sure I'm not alone in admitting that when I heard this, I gasped. Those of us who can't pull off super-long locks are always slightly taken aback when folks with longish hair shake things up. But we were totally wrong to worry. Like Stassi would ever do anything to sully her good looks. Puh-lease. 


Stassi went from having waist-length hair (or very nearly so) to working a just above the shoulder textured bob. She's definitely got the hair for the cut, thick and with just the right amount of wave to it. It's the sort of cut you can wear all sorts of ways -- quick, easy, fun, and messy, or sleek and formal in a matter of minutes. If you're going from long to shorter, this is definitely a cut worth printing up a picture of for your stylist's reference.

Stassi Schroeder

Another great thing about Stassi is how she's always willing to share about her latest changes, be it to her makeup, her fashion, or her hair. She was the first to admit on Instagram that the new haircut definitely has a learning curve when it comes to styling it. Love it. She is beyond something we can relate to. And also, Stas? I think I speak for everyone when I say you've got it down: Shades of January Jones, am I right?

Do you like Stassi's hair better long or short?


Images via Instagram/Instagram

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