Kim Kardashian’s Rumored 'Vogue' Cover Sure Would Explain Her Hair

Kim Kardashian

So far this is nothing more than just a rumor, but there is definitely a bit of buzz over whether Kim Kardashian is appearing on the cover of Vogue. It all started when a report came out from Jezebel on Sunday saying Kim was, in fact, in LA shooting the cover.

But a source close to Kim who talked to Us Weekly says the story is not true, which would indicate that Kim won't be gracing us with her presence in Vogue anytime soon. (Bummer?)

Here's the thing though ... if she really is posing for the mag and simply trying to keep it a secret -- it would totally explain her recent hair makeover.


There's yet another rumor floating around that Kim may have dyed her hair brown in an effort to please Anna Wintour -- and possibly help land herself the highly coveted cover shot.

Sure, she looked awesome with those blond highlights, but they weren't exactly the most natural look she's ever sported. Going back to her brunette roots is definitely a more authentic look for Kim. And if Vogue digs a natural vibe -- wouldn't it make sense for her to ditch the lighter shade and go back to her signature darker hue?

But if the rumors are false and she's not going to appear on Vogue, maybe that's why Kim already regrets going back to brown? It would be a real pisser if she changed her hair for the sake of the mag only to find out it didn't do her a darn bit of good.

I guess we'll probably know soon enough whether or not Vogue had anything to do with it, but if she didn't land the feature? We can probably go ahead and bet on her running back to the salon to get her blond on all over again.

Do you want to see Kim on the cover of Vogue?


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