‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Looks Half Her Age in Smoking Hot Bikini Photos (VIDEO)

Tiffani ThiessenSomebody! Quick! Arrest actress and former teen icon Tiffani Thiessen! The charges? She looks way too good for somebody who just celebrated their 40th birthday! The former Saved by the Bell star channeled her inner-California girl (one who is definitely never too far from the surface), donned an assortment of bathing suits, and headed to the beach to celebrate her 40th birthday with family friends. Let there be cake for all! 

Kelly Kapowski definitely still has it going on. I mean wowzah! It's not hard to see why Zack Morris was all about this lady in red (and orange and white). She rocks both a one-piece AND a bikini with total sexy confidence. While the solid red one-piece bathing suit is more demure, you'd never call it conservative, not in that utterly sizzling hue. Scorching hot!


Both Tiffani's choices in attire and her killer physique were on point and on display. While I love the look of her bikini, the one-piece is so old school Hollywood glam that it's impossible for it not to be the favorite of the two looks. Seriously though, shades of Marilyn. Very vintage, and I'm obsessed. Plus, the cute patterned cover-up she's spotted in? Kind of the best finishing touch. I love a cover-up that, you know, doesn't exactly cover everything up.

The bikini is a stellar option too, and in it she seems to look even younger than in the one-piece (if that's even possible). The full-coverage orange top paired with the white bottoms -- well, that's about as daring a look as I've seen in a while. White bathing suits make me nervous! But Thiessen isn't even breaking a sweat. The different shades really flatter her figure and balance her well. Here's hoping she enjoyed her birthday as much as she seemed to in all the photos!

Which bathing suit look do you prefer on Tiffani?


Image via Santa Klaus/YouTube

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