Kailyn Lowry Gets Fab New Look With Little-Known Cosmetic Procedure (PHOTOS)


Kailyn LowryTeen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has been all smiles since getting her braces off (finally!) just a few days ago. And man, can you blame her? Her pearly whites are lookin' absolutely fab. Well that, and what woman in both her 20s and her right mind would LIKE having braces?!

But what if I were to tell you that Kailyn's gorgeous smile isn't solely because of those braces, eh? Get this: Kailyn had another majorly transformative cosmetic procedure that you've probably NEVER considered. And after you see her before and after photos, you just might.

Oh and warning, the photos you are about to see are slightly graphic.

Check out Kailyn's teeth before and after the procedure:

Kailyn Lowry teeth

Told you so.

So if you can get past the slightly bloody gum line and stare at Kailyn's actual teeth -- you'll see how AMAZING her pearly whites look. Like, seriously. Kailyn had gum reduction surgery to reveal even more of her straight teeth to the world. Heck, I didn't even know that was something that people elect to get done! 

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It makes you really think about the costs and benefits of so many elective beauty procedures women get done. Breast implants, nose jobs, liposuction ... these aren't inexpensive procedures! But if it's something a woman really wants, and something that she feels will REALLY make her life better, then that's what matters.

In Kailyn's case, she paid a lot of money I'm sure for however long she wore those braces. For her to get this gum surgery and enhance the amazing effects they had on her teeth? Well, I say all the power to her. You look great, Kailyn!

Would you ever try this?

Images via kaillowry/Instagram

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lalab... lalaboosh

I have a good tooth/gum ratio, so I wouldn't go for it. Kailyn' mouth is looking lovely.

nonmember avatar lilah

When she old and her gums start receding she'll miss the gums she had trimmed away.

ms.mftc ms.mftc

I had this done when I was in seventh grade. I also had braces at the time. I have to tell you that it is by far one of the nicest things my parents ever did for me. My teeth before looked like baby teeth. Not super attractive. I would always cover my mouth when I smiled because I was so embarrassed by my huge gums. Good for her! They look awesome :)

Amy Adams

Ewww.. thats disgusting. Why the heck would she do that?

nonmember avatar mommybambam

I think she looks great. Her teeth looked like a child's the way they were before. It just looks nicer and more adult, which is good because she IS an adult. Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff had the same problem, but went and got big, honking prosthetic teeth. This is a much more natural look.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

That's not her! You can tell by the color if the mouth and skin!

nonmember avatar aubs

Actually you can tell it is the same mouth in both pictures. Look at the chin... same scars. Realize the pictures werr taken in different zooms. Also in picture one shes just smiling in pic two she showing her teeth.

I never realized reducing gums was possible. I am 24 but it looks like I have all baby teeth (although my teeth have always been naturally very straight just tiny) but I dont think id ever get this done personally.

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