Kailyn Lowry's New Look Gives Her Reason to Smile

Kailyn Lowry Kailyn Lowry is beautiful -- this is not exactly a newsflash. That skin, that hair, it's like, awright lady, we get it -- you're hot stuff. Well now she's added a killer smile to the mix. That's right, Mama Lowry got her braces removed and she's sharing her brilliant white smile all over social media, and we're reaping all the benefits. Can you even handle it? I'd be beaming that big too if I had such dazzling and straight pearly whites. Sadly this is not the case. My name is Austin Powers and I approve this message. 

Kailyn made the decision to get braces as an adult, something that's becoming more and more common. Even though she opted for a less visible brand of braces, they were still pretty noticeable. Not that she looked bad, she just clearly was wearing braces. It was clear that she was self-conscious about them too, something you could pick up from any one of the numerous photos of Kailyn on the web. She seemed to be hiding her true grin!


It's clear that getting the braces removed has given Kailyn back her confidence. Is it just me, or is she wearing more makeup than she usually does? I'm not saying she's, like, caked it on or anything, but it seems like she's gone the extra mile with her appearance.

Whatever the reason, she looks great -- and dare I say it? Kind of Hollywood ready! With this new adult boost in confidence, I kind of wonder what changes she'll make to her appearance next. Could a chop to her fabulous hair be next? Here's hoping the answer is 'no'! Kailyn, we love just the way you are -- and it's always good to see you smiling.

Would you ever get adult braces?


Image via Twitter

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