Heidi Klum's Bangs Are Back & They're Bigger Than Ever (PHOTO)

Heidi KlumWell, that was short lived. And by "that," I'm referring to the brief period of time where Heidi Klum decided to show off her forehead again by wearing her bangs swept off to the side of her face.

As opposed to having them long, heavy, and straight like they are in a new photo, which was taken as she arrived at LAX over the weekend.

Maybe she was trying to hide her identity from the awaiting paparazzi. Or perhaps her recent breakup with Martin Kirsten made her want to switch things up and show off an updated look with a bang, so to speak.


Whatever the case, this definitely isn't my favorite hairstyle on her. She's just so naturally gorgeous -- which is why I can't understand why she wants to hide her face!

Check out these babies!

Heidi Klum

Ok, ok -- so I totally understand and empathize with wanting to make a hair shift after splitting from your man. I don't know what it is about changing your do, but it definitely helps to offer some sort of closure. But this is Heidi Klum, for crying out loud -- and odds are good she'll have guys in line waiting for the chance to date her.

Back to her face though -- if I were her? I'd want to show that thing off instead of covering it up the way she is. But then again, maybe she's just not feeling up to putting herself out there on display quite yet. Although, it'll be pretty interesting to see if her forehead suddenly emerges again just as soon as she has a new man in her life. A woman's hair can tell a lot about her happiness level. (I'm serious.)

Do you like Heidi's bangs?


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