5 Celebrity Super Bowl Outfits That Took Our Attention Away From the Game

Jennifer Garner While it isn't the Ascot races of seeing-and-being-seen, when they go to the Super Bowl, celebrities are every bit as much on display as they are at any big awards show. This year was no exception. While Denver fans hung their heads and wept, Hollywood and the NFL's finest trotted forth their takes on sporty fashion for your consideration. 

Sure, the half-time show performers (I'm talking about you, Bruno Mars) definitely killed it both on stage and in wardrobe. But those in the stands brought a little something special to the table as well. Click through for five of our favorite looks of the Super Bowl! If you are a Peyton Manning fan who also digs celebrity style, maybe they will help ease some of the pain yesterday brought. Maybe. 

What did you think of Namath's coat? Were you obsessed? I was obsessed. 

Image via Theo Mazur/Getty

  • Erin Andrews


    Image via TwitPic

    Fox Sports' Erin Andrews opted for staying warm in regal purple. 

  • Jennifer Garner


    Image via Theo Warger/Getty 

    Jennifer Garner played it urban-casual-cool in this sleek but not overly done ensemble. Also -- can I have your coat, please and thank you.

  • Joe Namath


    Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty

    Apparently Broadway Joe didn't get the memo about this not being a black-tie affair. Can't diss a man for class. 

  • Bruno Mars


    Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty 

    Not only did Bruno Mars rock the half-time show, he rocked the style world, knocking it out of the park (I know that is a baseball image, ask me how much I care, do it) in head to toe Yves Saint Laurent.

  • Kevin Costner


    Image via TwitPic

    Kevin Costner looked perfectly chic in his scar, overcoat, and shades. I suddenly feel compelled to watch Dances With Wolves. But not Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Because I have pride. 

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