Kristen Stewart's Weird Beauty Tips Just Might Work

kristen stewartYou know what they say: The couple that moisturizes together, stays together. And that's exactly the case with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson recently sent the Internet into a tizzy when he admit that he started moisturizing and it's "had a profound change in his life." And now Kristen's hopping on the moisturizing bandwagon also, telling a German magazine that she can't live without "a good moisturizer." The actress said, "I love Dermalogica and Dr. Hauscka – and I also use Proactiv."

And the normally-reticent actress didn't just stop there. She continued to share even more beauty tips. I know! I guess she was inspired by the profound change moisturizer had on Rob.


Kristen confessed the secrets to her enviable hair and smooth skin. "I love dry shampoo and hair powder to volumize my hair. It’s not good to wash your hair frequently," she said. "It’s actually just important to stay healthy. Get exercise, eat well and every once in a while some green juice for an energy boost. I don’t really use a lot of make-up; at most I use a tinted moisturizer because it’s better for your skin than a foundation."

Kristen Stewart has been oddly talkative these days, particularly about issues pertaining to beauty. First, she gave a weird confession about her eye makeup habit, and then she admit her biggest fashion regret. She's gone from shy, middle finger-wagging misfit to gal who's at a slumber party with Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones. I mean, who knew Kristen was into dry shampoo and or tinted moisturizers?! Sshe's a beautiful woman, but let's be honest here, she doesn't always convey the image that she's on top her her hygiene game.

Anyway, I agree with Kristen's tips -- especially the tinted moisturizer one. I think in most cases, a tinted moisturizer offers just as much coverage as foundation, and it doesn't clog your pores as much. It lets your complexion breath. A good one to try? Old faithful Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. You can't go wrong with that. (Also, if you're looking for a great dry shampoo, I've heard awesome things about Klorane.)

Thanks for the tips, Kristen. And hey, Rob, want to really turn your world upside down? Try exfoliating. You'll thank me later.

Do you use tinted moisturizer?


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