'Eiffel Tower' Nose Jobs Take Plastic Surgery to a New Level of Insane

Eiffel TowerUhhhhhh ... whaaaaaa?

That's pretty much the reaction I had after hearing about a wacky new plastic surgery trend in China where women are having their noses made to look like the Eiffel Tower.

Yes, the one in Paris. Apparently its perfect shape is not only beautiful as far as European skylines are concerned. It absolutely does wonders for a nose -- but simply having an Eiffel Tower nose job isn't anywhere near as wacky as why some women are reportedly going under the knife.


Get this one -- they think it will help them land a job, something that is pretty tough these days. I guess they figure the more aesthetically pleasing to the eye they look, the better their odds of being hired over someone with a regular, non-Eiffel Tower looking nose.

One surgeon even admits doing dozens of these surgeries each month. (Seriously?)

OMG. Is this wild or what? It almost sounds fake, though everything I can tell from the report makes it seem like this is definitely a real procedure.

But while it may sound all sorts of extreme to want your nose to look like a landmark, I guess there are a whole lot worse places than the Eiffel Tower to serve as inspiration. At least these women aren't asking for their faces to be transformed into something that resembles the Space Needle. Or the Statue of Liberty. Or the Great Pyramids. The list goes on.

What are your thoughts on the Eiffel Tower nose job?


Image via Terrazzo/Flickr

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