Beyonce's Makeup-Free Selfie Shows a Side of Her You'll Love (PHOTO)

beyonce instagramAfter basically showing up everyone else in attendance at the Grammys by cozying up to hubs Jay-Z in her "Drunk in Love" performance, Beyonce invited us to get even more up close and personal by sharing new, intimate pics via Instagram and Tumblr. One of the best was a makeup-free selfie she posted yesterday, which pretty much epitomizes her Beyonce album track "***Flawless." Yup, she "woke up like this."

Check it out ...


Now, Yonce's never exactly been shy about going au naturel. (And come on, why should she be?) Yet, every time she does it, we can't help but bow down. How can we not be in awe of how glam she manages to look without even a speck of shadow, mascara, or lip gloss? Making it even better: It's clear this is no run-of-the-mill, look-at-me selfie. It's an obvious statement that not only is she cool with how she looks sans any sort of cosmetic embellishment, but I get the feeling it's all part of her campaign to remind her followers we're pretty just the way we are, too.

What message do you think Bey is sending with her makeup-free selfie?

Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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