Jessica Alba Gets 'Mom Haircut' & Looks Younger Than Ever (PHOTO)

jessica albaJessica Alba is one of those celebrity moms who seems to look younger as the days go by. The 32-year-old mom of two (Haven and Honor) always looks gorgeous and flawless, but she went and did something I didn't think was very "Jessica Alba" of her to do. Yes. It's true. Jessica Alba chopped her hair off.

While it's not Miley Cyrus short, nor is it as pixie as the latest trend sweeping through the Hollywood, it's quite short for Alba whose long locks were part of her trademark look.  I'm a long-haired kind of girl myself. Mostly because I don't think a short hairstyle would look good on me. I love the short look though ... on other women. But the way Jessica had her hair styled, this shorter look gives the illusion of a whole lot of hair without all the upkeep and knots.


It's being called the "fashion bob" by ... you know ... the people who give names to hairstyles. It's quite fashionable and it's a bob. Jessica's stylist Jen Atkin was responsible for the look which is a little shorter in the back and angled toward the front. In a totally updated not 10 years ago kind of way. That's Jen with Jessica in the photo. Jessica's hair was as long as hers once. This new look seems to have great texture and I love how it's a bit beachy wave messy. Or as us moms like to call it -- kid run their hands through your hair messy. Chance of Goldfish crackers in there, too. So this look from Alba isn't going to upset some like Charlize Theron's mom haircut sure did (yikes), but it's also not as short ... or outdated as it has been suggested. For the record, I think with a face like Charlize's you can do no wrong. Plus, see Sean Penn. Hello!

Jessica's 'do is also not as drastic as the haircut Jennifer Lawrence had late last year. Alba did it the right way for her -- baby steps. Who knows ... maybe in a few months she'll try a pixie cut. Gasp!

What do you think of Jessica's new hair 'do?


Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram

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