Wearing a Bra Is Now Bad for You Say 'Scientists' Who Aren't Moms


Well isn't this just great. After years of trying to find the perfect bra to lift, separate, and make us look voluptuous and womanly -- new research suggests that going braless might be better for your breasts than keeping them locked up.

Get this one -- when you don't wear a bra? Supposedly it actually strengthens your breast muscles, which in turn wind up giving your girls a boost. Oh, and wearing a bra may make sagging even worse.

Seriously? Who knew?

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And did I mention that forgoing the bra can also alleviate back pain and can help your breasts keep their shape?

Wait a second -- isn't that what bras are supposed to do? Make our boobs more shapely? I'm definitely scratching my head over this one.

But even if there is some merit to this research -- there's no way in hell anyone could convince me to give up my beloved brassieres. Uh-uh. No way.

How shall I put this? Um, ever since having a baby almost eight years ago, my poor girls have been on a journey headed south and they haven't bothered to look back for one second. And you know what's really sad? I'm somewhere between an A and a B cup -- so it's not like I have that much boobage as it is. Technically sagging shouldn't even be an issue. Isn't that supposed to be one of the perks of having small breasts? (Gah.)

I swear the minute I undo my bra, it's like they fall down to my mid-section. It's so humiliating that oftentimes I won't take my bra off until right before I crawl into bed -- and I do it with the lights off. It's like my security blanket or something.

And now I find out that maybe being married to my bra is what has made me a saggy hot mess in the first place and I'm thoroughly convinced that moms simply can't win.

On that note, I'd better go tighten my straps a little more to make sure this thing is on tight enough. Since the damage is already done, there's really no reason to give it up now.

Do you ever go braless?


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nonmember avatar ago

I am the same way with my floor-facing c's! Thank you, 4 pregnancies and lots of baby-nursin'!

nonmember avatar nikki

I do. Some underwire some not. My 70 yr old grandma hasn't worn a bra since she was about 30. Unless she's involved in a special occasion. Meh, I'll continue to wear one especially in a few months when I'll be nursing baby #3.

nonmember avatar Tina

No thanks! Just look at those women in national geographic. Even the article you cited quotes that other studies show the opposite to be true.

nonmember avatar Roseecrz

I feel your sentiments! As a mother of 3 and about the same bra size, I just want to scream! #wewillneverwin

jrphelps jrphelps

Do you know what causes sagging?  Gravity & not wearing a supportive bra!  I have had a child & breast fed for 13 months as well.  My boobs look exactly the same as they did before I had my son.  How you ask?  Exepensive, supportive bras (I spend a minimum of $40 on a bra).  Might I add I am a DDD & while I was pregnant & nursing I was an F.  So these researchers just wanna see titties flying about!  I am not falling for it!

Lexie Reeverts Scott

Jrphelps, help some "blessed" girls out- what brand do prefer? I have such a hard time finding comfortable and supportive bras in my size. I DO NOT do ugly granny style bras!

Dini Moo

I go without a bra more often than not. I hate wearing one!  The only time I wear one is because nobody in public nerds to see nipples.  If not for that, I'd NEVER wear one!

Katriena Young

Oh so sad for an A to B cup sagging. You can get away with out wearing a bra. Try being a DDD cup then we'll talk

Mommy... Mommy1438

I would NEVER leave the house without a bra on or be seen by anyone other than family.. however, I never wear one at home. The SECOND I get home from school I fling it off. I'm breastfeeding and all my bras seem to squeeze the milk right out, which is then stuck inside a tiny space...we've had thrush more than six times!! So I never wear a bra unless people are around or I'm out of the house. It takes me HOURS to find the perfect bra. :(

Senia... Seniahmom

Only wear one when absolutely necessary. Depends on the shirt. When breastfeeding full time I lived in nursing tanks and I still wear them instead of a bra sometimes. I'll wear regular tank tops and layers sans bra a lot in winter.

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