Miley Cyrus & Madonna Dress Like Cheesy Cowgirls for 'MTV Unplugged'

Madonna Miley Cyrus is taking to the tube-waves with an Unplugged special airing on MTV. Joining her as a special guest star? None other than Madonna. We're already spotting photos of the duo on stage together, and it looks like they're having a blast. It also looks like they decided to meld their respective looks into one uber-costume with bizarre results.

Admittedly it's not the worst thing either of them has experimented with. Those honors belong to Miley's pasties and sweater combo, and I think we can all agree that Madge's cone-bra look makes the list of regrettable costume choices. Still, I am not digging the vibe they're bringing to the table.


Madonna's long had a thing for cowboy-wear -- look back to her Ray of Light days. She's definitely bringing that element to the table. Of the two, I prefer Madonna's take on country cool -- her monochromatic black look is miles more sophisticated than Miley's faded denim and white.

Going country probably wasn't a hard sell, after all, at heart Miley's just a country girl. While both women can theoretically pull off a cowboy hat, that by no means explains away the glittery monstrosities they donned. They are a fresh mess.

Why the sparkles? Why though? Somebody should have intervened and snatched the Bedazzler out of the hands of the sparkle-happy designer so intent on kicking it back to 1999. Both Miley and Madge take pride in pushing the envelope with their ensembles. But these costumes seem like they'd be more at home in a Vegas show than on a stage worn by two of the most forward-thinking pop divas of the day, right? Is it just me?

What do you think of their trash-tastic fashion?


Image via Instagram

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