Michelle Obama's 'Inappropriate' Dress Stole the Show at the SOTU (VIDEO)

michelle obama with army ranger sotu 2014Americans tuned into the State of the Union address last night to see what President Obama had to say about our economy, health care, climate change, etc. But some of us were obviously also interested in seeing another major highlight of the evening: First Lady Michelle Obama! Because what the FLOTUS opts to wear to these sorts of events is of utmost importance obvs. And this go-round, she chose a forest green Azzedine Alaia ensemble complete with a full-skirted dress, oversized belt, and swingy cropped jacket.

Some called it conservative compared to last year's sparkly Jason Wu dress. Others lamented it was too dark and mistook it for black instead of deep emerald. Meanwhile, there's still tongue-clucking about how wearing Alaia is actually radical! That's because this was the first ensemble she's sported to a SOTU that was not created by a U.S.-based designer. Oy!


Seriously, the woman just can't win. 

Personally, I feel like this was a welcome change of pace. There's no rule that she had to wear an American designer. She's done that all along, proving, I think, that she's quite proud of the couture we have to offer here in the U.S. Maybe she just loved the seasonally-appropriate jewel tone. Pretty fitting for the middle of winter, I'd say. I'd also venture to guess that "going green" was a conscious choice as well. A nod to our responsibility as Americans to do something about climate change for our children's children. And/or a hint at the country's increased prosperity under her husband's second term? 

Either way, this supposedly "controversial" sartorial decision was actually quite appropriate ... Not to mention absolutely lovely. 

Here's a clip of Michelle flaunting her evergreen ensemble while applauding injured Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg at one of the most poignant points of the evening ...

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What do you think about Michelle's style choice?

Image via J. Scott Applewhite/AP/Corbis

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