Beyonce’s Grammys Wardrobe Malfunction Was Weirdly Sexy (PHOTO)

beyonceBeyonce was all the rage at the 2014 Grammys. Beyonce's arrival-ceremony dress. Beyonce's sexy, possibly too-hot-for-TV performance with Jay-Z. Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction. Oh, you didn't see that during her performance? Well, lucky for you, I'm here with your daily dose of all things low-brow.

Behold, friends! That awkward moment Beyonce's nipple pasty popped out of her bodysuit at the Grammys:


All right, so as far as wardrobe malfunctions go, this isn't exactly the raciest of them, but hey, it is a fashion mishap by definition. And somehow Bey, on par with everything she does in life, managed to make a pasty-slip look sexy. 

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It's worth pointing out that, even if you felt Beyonce's outfit/song/performance was too risque for TV, at least she wore pasties underneath as a precautionary measure. That's a lot more than we can say for some other celebrities. I think we can all think of puh-lenty of performers who would have been fully aware of the risks dancing around in a tube top brings, but gone pasty-less regardless. Not Bey. Nothin' but class over here.

In other news, reports that Kim Kardashian has ordered two dozen boxes of black pasties have started to flood in. Stay tuned for developments ...

Would you classify this as a wardrobe malfunction?


Images via Beyonce/Kevork Djansezian/Getty



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Monika Begdouri

"Nothin' but CLASS..."???!!! Hmm. I'm curious where you get your dictionary from.

Paws84 Paws84

Trashy hoe. Just another example of talentless chicks getting naked to get attention. The less talent you have, the more skin you have to show to 'make up' for it. Bending over in a thong showing your junk to the world... Nasty. Don't be surprised when your daughter grows up and does the same thing.

nonmember avatar Angel London

Did you mean to type "pastys" or was that a 'typing malfunction'?

As for people calling Beyonce trashy I completely did agree. She is the definition of a classy, body confident woman who is grounded in her femininity.

The song is provocative so it seems fitting that she is wearing a sexy outfit. Performing in her floral Bridget Jones pants and dingy nightie would hardly have been suitable, would it?

nonmember avatar Bea

My guess, in the interest of avoiding a "spelling malfunction", she did in fact mean to type pasties. Being that's the correct spelling of the word and all.

nonmember avatar Anne Gordon

I think Beyonce's performance was just soft porn and ultimately it destroys families. I am disappointed.

nonmember avatar char mcree

she looking more like Michael Jackson everyday

holly... hollywood222222

I am laughing at all the ridiculous people claiming Beyonce "destroys families" and calling her performance porn. It's the Grammys; since when have they ever been marketed towards families? I can understand a teen watching, but hopefully you practice your judgement, or that you've parented your teenager properly enough for them to know that this is merely a theatrical performance.

Beyonce was far from trashy. It was a burlesque type performance more than anything. Your precious angels (and your hubbies) have seen more than that at the beach. Get over yourselves. All of you sound like judgemental ninnies

nonmember avatar D Right One

I didn't see any pasties or porn and my family will be intact regardless of the Grammies.

nonmember avatar Missy

Beyonce's performance was far from trashy. My kids and I watched it my son is 15 and my daughter is 9 and they seem to be alright. I think it was as risque as Prince was for me growing up. Does anybody remember Vanity 6 the group Prince put together or how about the MaryJane Girls Rick James's girl group? Both of these groups wore full on lingerie on stage. I loved it as a child. And let me tell you it made me appreciate being beautiful and sexual when I got older. To this day I still love lingerie and dancing for my husband and trust me after work he comes straight home and has never even been to a strip club since we've been married. There's no need! He's got it all at home. I say this because it is ok for women to show their sexiness and I think it's ok for kids to see that sort of performance. Sex is everywhere and you can't hide from it. Just give your kids guidelines and they'll be fine.

nonmember avatar Nikky

@Missy, I'm sure you are as stupid as you sound. You let your 15 and 9 year old watch that performance and you're proud to say it. You shud go hide under a rock coz you're bout to be crowned the worst mother ever. One word for Beyonce ''Disgusting''!

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