How to Straighten Your Hair With a Blow Dryer in 7 Simple Steps (PHOTOS)

How to Straighten Your Hair With a Blow Dryer in 7 Simple Steps (PHOTOS)

Straighten_Hair_With_Blow_DryerTrue confession: I can't control my hair. It isn't straight. It's not curly. In actuality, it falls somewhere in the slightly wavy to frizztastic range. My lovely stylist categorizes it as "2A hair," whatever that means. What I do know is that every morning when I wake up, my natural part shifts and I'm greeted by the ever-present cowlick.

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I dream of silky smooth strands, like those of Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow. Seriously, how do they get their hair so shiny?! While I don't have the luxury of having a professional styling team at my disposal, I do attempt tostraighten my hair at home. The key, as I've discovered, is to ditch that blazing hot flat iron and bust out the trusty hair dryer. Armed with a ceramic round brush and some heat protectant spray, I can get those smooth tresses of my dreams. Or, at least, come really, really close.

Check out this quick hair straightening tutorial for more:



How do you choose to straighten your hair?

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  • Get sleek, straight hair in just 7 steps


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  • Step 1: Prep the Hair


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    Start with clean, towel-dried, damp hair. For extra styling, use a heat protecting and straightening balm to prevent damage to the strands.

  • Step 2: Divide the Hair


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    Using a comb, split the hair into three equal segments. Make a middle part, take the two side segments, and pin them up. Leave the back section down for now.


  • Step 3: Select the Starting Portion


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    Take the back segment of hair and divide it horizontally in half. Clip the top part and leave the rest down.

  • Step 4: Keep the Hair Damp


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    Remember: You can't straighten dry hair with a blow dryer, so the key is to keep it damp. Fill a spray bottle with water and spritz the hair before styling.

  • Step 5: Use a Round Brush to Comb while You Dry


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    Grab a round ceramic brush, and starting from the underside of your hair, brush from roots to ends. Use the dryer to follow the path of the brush, exposing the hair directly to the heat. Make sure to keep the tension consistent (and ideally, tight) to equally distribute the heat. Pull the hair over the round brush and continue to blow dry evenly, creating a uniform texture.

  • Step 6: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


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    Once you've finished with the back bottom section of hair, keep moving along until you've got the sexy, straight style you've been wanting.

  • Step 7: Spray it & ta-da!


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    For extra hold (let's be real, we could all use a little added security), spritz on some firming or hair spray to keep the style.

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