Emma Roberts Gets a Hair 'Makeover' & You Wouldn't Even Recognize Her

Emma RobertsGuess who's jumping on the bob bandwagon? Why, it's the pretty Miss Emma Roberts. I gotta say, I almost didn't recognize her when I saw the photos of her new haircut. Here I was thinking that it was her trademark Roberts grin that made her easy to pick out of the crowd -- who knew it was her lustrous locks all along?

The cut looks great on her. It makes her look much more adult (which is a nice way of saying 'older' without it sounding totally catty) and super polished -- who doesn't love that. While she looked great with her longer hair, it also could seem messy, and the color didn't seem to suit her. This angled bob really frames her face and the truer blond is totally the business. 


Emma's new look suits her newly engaged persona very well -- I bet that her fiance Evan Peters totally approves. It also should help bolster her steadily rising star in Hollywood. The cut is definitely more up-and-comer than the look she was fannying about town with before. Maybe this means we're in store for a more professional, less-fiance-beatin' version of Emma. That would be nice!

She's also chosen a nice neutral palette to complement the more structured cut. In the past she's favored kind of Ke$ha-esque smeared metallics on her eyes. Here it looks like she's playing up her eye color more with mascara than anything else. Funky hues are all well and good, but knowing when to leave them behind and aim for a fresher look is yet another sign of her burgeoning maturity. 

What do you think of Emma's cut? Have you ever rocked a bob hairstyle?


Image via Jon Kopaloff/Getty 

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