Reese Witherspoon Pulls Off Skin-Tight Trend Most Moms Wouldn't Dare Try (PHOTO)

Reese WitherspoonDang. If I didn't know she was a mom of three, I'd assume she was just another regular perfect looking 20-something out enjoying a day of shopping. Um, do Reese Witherspoon's skin-tight leather jeans make her look hotter than ever or what?

I know she's been busting her ass in the gym ever since welcoming baby Tennessee -- but sheesh! She's practically disappearing right before our eyes. (In a totally healthy, non-extreme sort of way.)

I've always been a huge fan of Reese's style, but this outfit definitely kicks things up a notch or two. But I think what I really love most about it is that she managed to pull off leather without looking desperate, trashy, or like she's trying way too hard to be a hot ticket.


And I think the loose blouse she's wearing has a lot to do with it. If she had on a top that was clinging to her body, it would look as though she's attempting to be sexy, which can definitely backfire. Everyone loves to comment on women wearing clingy clothes in the hopes of looking sexy.

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I'm also digging the ankle booties in lieu of sky-high stilettos with this ensemble. Heels are very chic, but sometimes they can send out a "desperate" vibe as well, so the boots were definitely the way to go in this case. Plus, I'm sure they were much more comfortable for navigating the stores.

As a mom around the same age as Reese, she really gives me hope that maybe one day I can pull off looking this hot in leather too. (I said one day. And today is most definitely not that day.) If nothing else, it's something to daydream about during boring treadmill sessions.

Do you ever wear leather pants?


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