Kourtney Kardashian’s Closet Reveals She’s Just a Kid at Heart

Kourtney Things that will make you drool: Kourtney Kardashian's closet. It shouldn't be a surprise that Kourtney's (arguably the most fashion-forward of the KDash brood) is rife with treasures. But I gotta say, I wasn't prepared for it to be a full-on wonderland! When I saw the photos, they were such delish eye-candy that I got a tooth ache (#barfonmyface).

In a recent interview, Kourtney invited photogs inside her hallowed halls (not a euphemism), and the pics they snapped only reinforced what we all already knew: When it comes to fashion, Kourtney's not afraid to go big, bold, and all night long. She didn't just dish about her Disney obsession, she flaunted it.


Never have mouse ears (by Commes de Garçon, mais oui) looked so utterly fetching. I am kind of obsessed. I love how she paired them with her Kardashian Kollection feathery jacket and the sleeker than sleek Alice + Olivia leather leggings. The whole effect is very high-fashion but with a real sense of humor. Just like the woman herself. I've also really loved how Kourtney isn't afraid to fail big when it comes to trying new looks. She's a real risk-taker.

She's got more bags than you can shake a stick at too, and in such a vivid array of colors! Do my eyes spy that infamous hula-hoop Chanel bag? They definitely do. Kourtney tends to favor jewel tones and neons, colors that speak to little kids too. Maybe that helps explain why her kids are already so into fashion, you know? When mama's closet is Disneyland, it's only natural after all.

Were you surprised by the contents of Kourtney's closet?


Image via Instagram

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