Kim Kardashian's Sexy Wardrobe Malfunction Left Little to the Imagination (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWhile in Paris recently, Kim Kardashian suffered a wardrobe malfunction. The silver Stephane Rolland jumpsuit she was wearing while out for dinner with Kanye had a plunging neckline so low (how low?!) that Kim wound up flashing her nude bra to the entire City of Lights.

On one hand, I sort of feel that the bra flash was an accident, as, if there's one person who doesn't need more publicity than they already have, it's Kim. But on the other, how on earth did this happen? Her jumpsuit is wide-open, blowing in the wind, exposing everything. Wasn't she cold? Didn't something tell her, "Um, Kim, your boobs are like, 'What up!' right now"?


Ah, whatever. I guess this is just going to have to remain one of life's great unsolved mysteries. But. If Kim or any other jumpsuit-clad ladies out there want to avoid an outfit mishap like this, might I make two suggestions: One, wear something underneath (a loose, silk, white cami?); or, for god's sake, have the neckline sewn together a bit more. Kim knows every fashion designer on Earth; she could have had a seamstress throw a few stitches in that bad boy in no time.

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't say that, although Kim is a lovely woman with a gorgeous figure, I don't really think this jumpsuit is best suited for the well-endowed ladies out there. It's silky and drapey and seems like it's made more for a woman who it will hang on as opposed to a woman who will spill out of it.

You busty ladies can keep your sexy bikini tops, but at least the rest of us have ... the silky jumpsuit?

Do you think Kim's wardrobe malfunction was intentional?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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