I'm Never Going to Wash My Face Again!

I've made a discovery that I truly think is going to change my life. I know, pretty heady stuff here. Are you ready? (Drumroll please! ....) My thrilling, life-chaning find is ... Facial cleaners that don't require you to rinse with water!

I know! Amazing, right?! (Or does it just sound gross?)

What is this madness, you say? It's something I discovered while looking at the beauty products one of my sisters left out on the counter while she was staying with me. I am extremely nosy, especially when it comes to beauty products. I am also pretty in-the-know about most brands and products, so I was surprised to see something that I'd never heard of; namely, this:

Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution  I was even more intrigued when I realized the label was all in French. What is this mysterious French product, I wondered. My sister was already in bed, so I turned to trusty Google, and discovered that it's a mild face cleanser that doesn't need to be rinsed off! Astonished, I perused the reviews and absolutely had to steal some and try it for myself. I poured a little on a cotton ball and gently swiped all over my face. It felt wonderful! It took my makeup off! And left my skin feeling clean but not at all dry or stripped! Woah.

Since, then I've ordered a 500 ml bottle for myself from Amazon for $30, which I think is pretty reasonable considering how long I think a bottle that big will last. (I can only swipe so much of my sister's before she starts to notice... ) (Just kidding, sis! I only stole it twice!) I've also done a little research and found that there are other products like this out there. The Cut tried out a bunch and highly recommends two of them, Koh Gen Do Spa Water ($39 at Barneys)  and Embryolisse Cleansing Water Lotion Micellaire ($32 at Embryolisse)

I am unreasonably excited about this discovery for two reasons: First, I am incredibly lazy when it comes to washing my face. Removing the need to water at the end of the night makes the process so much more bearable. And, even more importantly, my skin is SO RIDICULOUSLY SENSITIVE, and it's even MORE so this winter. It's just so dry and angry about the frigid weather and all the indoor heating, I feel like it's about to rebel and book a vacation to the Caribbean. Without me. An ultra gentle cleanser like this is seriously what the doctor ordered.

Of course, facial wipes are also great for when you want to clean your makeup off but don't want to go through the whole ordeal. I'm partial to Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($4.79 at Target). And of course this doens't mean that I'm literally never going to get my face wet again. But this big change to my nighttime routine is pretty darn exciting.

Do you wash your face every night? Have you tried a product that you don't have to wash off?


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work4... work4mickey

Well, since I don't wear makeup, I just wash my face when I shower

antfa... antfarmer101

Ummm, I just wash my face in the shower. Not sure what the big deal is here

Michele Rafferty

Oh yea. More chemicals.  I just use baking soda for my face wash (on days I wear makeup) and use coconut oil as a moisturizer. 

Kristina Killingsworth

As an esthetician this sounds good. Believe it or not facial cleanser can be your worst dry culprit if your using the wrong ones. The Golden rule for choosing a facial cleanser. Is if you wash your face and immediately feel dry and are running to your moisturizer, you're already dry, moisturizer can only help a little bit. Find a cleanser that makes your face feel normal. Not squeaky clean. That's a huge misunderstanding of skin. No ones skin is so dirty you must scrub it o death. Stop the madness with scrubs and exfoliating every day, that makes you dry too.

Thanks for this post. Always looking for new products to suggest to my clients,

WillT... WillTimsmom

I use AVeno for babies to wash my face - it works great, isn't greasy and leaves my skin with a natural glow.  I seldom wear make-up.


nonmember avatar MoMo4

I wear makeup A LOT-- like everyday...i LOVE it, always have always will! Problem is i can seem to find a good cleanser that is good for my skin.. I make a homemade scrub out of grapeseed oil & brown sugar for the days i need to exfoliate (once a week), and I moisturize with grapeseed oil as well. BUT i would love to hear some suggestions of everyday wash that cleanses my skin, doesnt have many chemicals and doesn't leave my face gasping for water (i have VERY dry skin). Thanks for any recommendations ladies!

Manth... Manthie717

Whatever happened to just plain water as hot as you can stand on your face? I don't use any kind of cleansers (or soap for that matter) on my face. All these cleansers do is encourage bacteria and lead to acne. I am almost 49 years old and can count on one hand how many facial pimples I have had since entering puberty ( I was 12 when I started menstruating). I have been post menapausal since I was 28 yrs old due to a hysterectomy, and still don't have issues with acne even with all the hormonal changes. I say give up the cleansers altogether especially if you don't use makeup. BTW I don't use makeup either..which also can lead to acne problems.

holly... hollywood222222

If you don't wear make up, or don't care because you just "wash my face in the shower, what's the big deal," why even comment? Seems like a waste of your time, as this article wasn't even relevant to you. I hate washing my face as well, it's such a chore when I'm just ready for bed. A necessary evil :) Thanks for the info on this product!

lalab... lalaboosh

I like exfoliating with coconut oil in the shower, I don't have any makeup to wash off. If I did I'd probably make a mix of olive oil and Dr Bronner's for daily cleansing.

annie... anniemal4

  need to comment...LADIES' NO SUNSCREEN ??? .Whats that skin gonna look like in a year!!! As a user religiously of the best of suncreens.available..(not pricey) just a good SPF...even on my hands when I drive!! I am shocked at you!!.wrinkles, spots, skin cancer..etc.  What are you doing to yourselves?  .by the way, I'm getting some of that stuff to use after my Coconut skin cleaning routine!   Please put on some sunscreen every day!!

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