Kim Kardashian Pays a Guy $5,000 a Day to Make Sure Her Butt Looks Good

Kim KardashianHow do you know you've made the big time? If you're Kim Kardashian, you know when you've got an ass doctor. No, no, this isn't about Kim having butt implants, which she's always denied, and I'm inclined to believe. This is about the $5,000-a-day guy who follows Kim around making sure her famous ass looks good at all times. Yes, I'm not making this up! Okay, maybe the dude doesn't literally follow her around. But he's always there to snap up any clothes Kim buys and work his magic on them -- and by "magic," I mean transforming her pants and jeans into receptacles for Kim's butterball butt.


Kim reportedly employs a 35-year-old tailor named Cornelius Clay, who makes five grand a day, to make sure that her jeans can fit around her Rubenesque backside.

Kim is apparently a size 4 waist but a size 10 bottom, so she reportedly has to buy jeans that are too big for her and then get them cinched in so they can fit the butt and the waist. In other words, Kim's body is bipolar. (Joke, everyone. Save your hate mail.)

Cornelius was discovered when he happened to run into Kanye West at Barneys while he was a 19-year-old art student. Whatever he was wearing, Kanye must have been impressed, because the god stopped him and admired his style. They exchanged emails and soon the lucky lad was styling for the self-proclaimed musical genius.

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I have always wondered at the profound mystery of how Kim gets her jeans to fit. She's got a fairly small waist, somewhat long-ish legs, and that butt that has its own zip code. That can't be easy to shop for. Now we know her secret!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all afford our own jeans wizard? Sigh.

Do you have a difficult time finding jeans that fit?


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