Do Your Makeup in 2 Minutes With These 8 Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Jan 23, 2014 Beauty & Style

Quick_Makeup_ApplicationOn those days when I'm running a little late in the morning (read: hit the snooze button over and over and over), there's no time for an intricate full-face makeup sesh. Since I'd prefer not to scare the kind, unsuspecting people who'll cross my path, leaving home without some sort of makeup is NOT an option.

The good news? With a few dabs of concealer and some swipes of mascara (plus a few other useful tricks), you can quickly avoid the "I just woke up" look and start rocking a naturally flawless glow.

Check out this 2-minute face tutorial for more:

What makeup do you put on when you're in a hurry?

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  • The Perfect Face in Just 2 Minutes


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  • Step 1: Concealer


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    Apply concealer only where needed, making sure to cover blemishes, spots, acne, and dark circles.

  • Step 2: Foundation


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    Next, apply foundation (we're fans of the powder kind). Make sure to blend over the concealer. Using a large powder brush, or your fingers or a sponge for a cream or liquid foundation, apply the base for full-face coverage.

  • Step 3: Blush or Bronzer


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    Use an angled brush to apply blush or bronzer (or both if you're going for that sun-kissed, rosy-glow look) to the tops of your cheekbones.

  • Step 4: Eye Shadow


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    Next up: eye shadow! Go for a natural or nude color that will blend nicely with your skin. No need to do fancy shading and blending (we are in a time crunch, after all). Simply add a nice buff or sandy color for that au naturel look.

  • Step 5: Curl Eyelashes


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    Next, it's time to prep the lashes. Grab your eyelash curler (you know, that terrifying metal contraption that resembles an orthodontist's torture device?), secure the base of your eyelash on the pad, and clamp down. You'll be left with some seriously curly lashes.

  • Step 6: Mascara


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    After curling, apply a couple coats of mascara. If you don't have time to deal with the inevitable under-eye smudges, only apply to the top lashes.

  • Step 7: Lip Liner


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    Have the extra time to do a lip? All the power to you. To prep your lips for full color, use a lip liner on the outer lines. Make sure to match your liner to your lipstick. That '90s supermodel look is not coming back!


  • Step 8: Lip Color


    Image via CafeMom Solutions

    Finally, fill in your lips. Use a stick, gloss, or stain to add a touch of color to those puckers.



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