8 Beauty Products Men LOVE Stealing From Women (PHOTOS)

Beauty productsTo my wonderful boyfriend: I'm sorry in advance for airing out your dirty laundry (not your actual laundry, of course). This, though, is a topic worth discussing. My man loves to use my beauty products. No no no, not the lipsticks or the foundations or any of that makeup stuff. But the other stuff. You know, the lotions. ChapSticks. Face wash. The whole nine yards. And as much as I want to chalk his habits up to convenience, being that it's much easier to lather up with body wash instead of toting around his own for a night at my place, I think it's more 'cause he actually likes how they work.

(Did I mention I'm sorry?)

So -- I checked in with some other ladies, and it turns out I'm not alone. In fact, there are many many men out there who dabble in women's products sans that musky man scent.

Want to know what's on their most coveted list? Check out these 8 women's products men absolutely adore, here:

What products do you buy that your man adores?


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linzemae linzemae

In the opposite. I use men's shaving products. Womens razors and shaving creme give me razor burn. But I don't steal my husband's, I buy my own

Rayray14 Rayray14

My husband loves using Dove deodorant ( his own of course!) and Clinique dramatically different moisturizer. Even though Dove now makes a Men's line he still prefers to use the regular powder scented one.

nonmember avatar bette

Why do so many of The Stir writers persist in using slide shows? They are so difficult to use that I refuse to look at them. I've seen the same complaint from dozens of Stir readers over the years and yet you keep using them. Aug!

Heath... HeatherMazzone

The EOS lip balm one is so true, my husband uses mine all the time. He'll go searching in my purse for it. Drives me crazy.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

My husband has really long hair, so its always been a thing for him to use lady-type shampoos and conditioners :-p

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