Woman Who Is Famous for Her Butt Claims It's All Natural (VIDEO)

Too many celebrities these days are famous for "nothing," but then there's being famous for your ass. Which is kind of like being famous for nothing -- but with an ass. I'm talking about Jen Selter, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram or, rather, her ass has them. Her ass also appeared on Bethenny. My point is, Jen is famous for having a big bubble ass, people! Sure, there are other celebrities with rotund derrieres, but even they do something, anything, besides just walk around with a big ass.


Jen herself seems surprised by the attention, calling herself a "girl next door" type and saying she never had any idea she would end up on talk shows like Bethenny Frankel's. No word on how the ass feels. (Its agent never called me back.)

Jen swears her butt is all natural, absolutely no implants, and that she got it all from working out at the gym anywhere from one to three hours a day.

"I was very skinny and I couldn't gain weight," Jen explains. "So I put on weight, muscle, and formed my butt."
Jen a year ago

Ah, yes, "formed" her butt. Much like Athena leaped fully formed from Zeus' head!

"Did you just used to have a normal person's butt?" Bethenny asks incredulously.

"Yeah," Jen lies through her teeth.

Joke. Maybe she did get that ass from workouts. But there has to be some genetics involved here, or everyone who works out an hour a day (hello) would have an ass like that. And obviously that's not the case or Jen's ass wouldn't be famous!

But I decided to do some digging (I'm a reporter, y'all!). The earliest photos of Jen's ass on Instagram are dated only a year ago -- and she definitely has a bubble ass at that time too, though it does seem much smaller. She claims it took her ass four years to blossom into its current Zeppelinesque form. But I notice around April 2013, her butt really seems to grow into its own ... country.

Remember the days when girls actually walked around squawking, "Does my ass look big?" and you were supposed to say, "No"? But I guess Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Coco Austin changed all of that. They were true trailblazers for butts like Jen's.

Do you like your butt?

Images via Jen Selter/Instagram

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