Reese Witherspoon Will Change the Way You Think About Leopard Print

Reese WitherspoonCertain style staples we tend to associate with a certain brand of performer. Feather boas and leopard print? Why those are definitely the provenance of burlesque performers or, at the very least, bold, brassy dames not afraid to make a loud statement. But we must remember that to every rule, there is always an exception.

Take for example Reese Witherspoon's latest ensemble. Oh sure, the occasionally drunk and entitled girl-next-door played it safe enough up top, with her basic black peplum top and sleek designer jeans -- but did you look south of the border? Girlfriend is making a serious statement with her leopard print Louboutins. To sum up what her shoes are saying in brief: "Daaaaaaaayum, girl!" 


I've got to admit it -- I'm kind of over peplums. I mean, I was never into peplum tops (heelllllo everyone looking kind of pregnant), but I thought the dresses were cute for a hot second. Now they just seem played out, no? 

Reese Witherspoon

But Reese's killer footwear breathes a second life into a fading trend. The top became inconsequential: It's all about the feet. They make a powerful, impressive statement. This, ladies and germs, is how you wear leopard-print. Forget the dresses or (god forbid) the pants -- it's shoes or bust. Reese is serving up a perfect example of wearable animal print for the everyday. You don't have to be a vamp (or, you know, a tramp) to make this look sing. But I mean, if you want to be a vamp or a tramp, that is also acceptable. No judgment. 


Images via SMXRF/Star Max/Getty

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