Kim Kardashian Changes Her Hair Yet Again: Love It or Hate It? (PHOTO)

kim kaNotorious recluse Kim Kardashian made a rare appearance recently in Paris in which she showcased a new hairstyle: The straight, sleek look. If you can remember what Kim normally looks like (it's been ages since we last saw her!), her hair typically has loose, bombshell-esque waves in it to match her loose bombshell-esque overall look.

But, perhaps because she wore the lowest plunging neckline known to man, Kim decided to go for a more reserved 'do. And unsurprisingly, it looks great. Wanna know how to get the look?

(The hair, not the boobs. There's nothing you can buy at Rite Aid for those puppies.)


Okay, so you've got a few options for super sleek hair. You can go the expensive route and get a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment. I had this done years ago, and let me tell you: It works. If price is your concern, there typically always are Groupons for these kinds of services. But if you don't want to shell out big bucks or subject yourself to potentially harmful ingredients, you have a few other choices. One being John Frieda's 3-Day Straight spray.

I used this all summer and loved it, but I should warn you: Not everyone feels this way. I had written about this stuff a while back, and some commenters who had tried it didn't like it. Also, there are mixed reviews online. But going off of nothing more than personal experience, I can whole-heartedly say it really gets the frizz out. Also, hair tends to look better the second day with this stuff. (I would shower at night when using it, and normally I'm a shower-in-the-morning kind of gal.)

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Another option for sleek, straight hair is Moroccanoil. Shampooing hair often strips hair of natural oils, and Moroccanoil helps restore them. Again, speaking from experience, dry hair is rarely sleek and straight-looking. Can't promise you you'll get Kardashian hair, but pinkie swear, you'll see an improvement.

How do you get sleek, shiny hair a la Kim?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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