Kate Middleton's Most Gorgeous Dresses Are Up for Grabs for the Rest of Us

kate middletonFor any commoner who's ever dreamed in stepping out in something worn by HRH, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, today's your lucky day. A new website, Girl Meets Dress, allows women to rent one of Kate's dresses -- not one she's worn, but one she, herself, owns -- for one day. For those of you familiar with Rent-the-Runway, yes, it's exactly like that. Only this version is UK based ... and this version features Kate Middleton's clothes! Squee!


The website allows women to live out their royal fantasies (sans an evening with Prince William) by "borrowing" clothes from the Duchess' closet, so to speak. The site has just added 14 items by Beulah London, one of Kate and Pippa's favorite clothing lines; three of which Kate owns. There's a gorgeous red gown she worn to a fundraising gala a few years ago, which can be rented for $130; and the iconic ethereal knee-length dress she wore to a mosque in Malaysia can be rented for $97.

I've gotta say. This is a pretty clever website, as owning Kate Middleton's wardrobe isn't exactly an affordable endeavor for most. But moreover, it allows us to wear something once, and not worry about whether or not we'll ever wear it again. If there's one thing most ladies are, it's fickle. And what we love today, we won't necessarily tomorrow.

We essentially get to be a princess ... for just one day. And say we have the same taste as Kate Middleton. Win-win.

Would you rent Kate's clothes? What's your favorite thing she's ever worn?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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