Beyonce Takes a Risk in Gold Mini Dress At Michelle Obama's Birthday Party

Can you imagine having to decide what to wear to an event at the White House? Most of us would change outfits two hundred times and consult 40 people before going with that totally flattering, but slightly conservative ankle-length gown. But, if you're Beyonce and have been asked to perform AND hang out with the prez and Michelle Obama at the First Lady's hush-hush 50th birthday bash, your fashion options are a lot less limited, I guess. Queen Bey headed to Washington, D.C. this past weekend with hubby Jay Z and the ever-adorable Blue Ivy and -- lucky for us -- photographed every inch of her amazing, but risque, look for us to see!


Beyonce did NOT hold back in her choice of attire. Like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe, she went for a total bombshell look with a gold mini dress cut off at the thigh, nude patent leather heels, outrageously gorgeous metallic eye makeup, and big, big hair. Here's a look:

WOW! We always knew the girl had gams of steel, but this serves as even more proof. I am also seriously loving her sheer, yet slightly gleaming nude stockings -- an accessory that ordinarily does nothing for me. Oh, and I mentioned her makeup -- here's a closer look:

Flawless. Not only did Beyonce sing songs like "Single Ladies" and "Irreplaceable" for Michelle, she found time to tour the grounds with Blue Ivy in tow...

...AND give the Obama's dog Sunny a back rub:

The funny thing is if Taylor Swift wore this same exact outfit to perform at the White House, I would think, oh put some clothes on. I mean, this is a very sexy dress. Dare I say too sexy for the president?

Nope, not at all. Beyonce pulls this off with grace and style and I firmly defend her solid gold look. She knows how to carry this off like a lady -- and looks positively stunning.

What do you think? Is Beyonce's dress too sexy for the First Lady's birthday party?


Images via Tumblr

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