Yoga Pants That Double as Dress Pants Are a Lazy Woman's Dream (PHOTO)

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Sigh. As much as I hate to say it, I'm really starting to think that the idea of looking professional in any way, shape, or form is a thing of the past. Don't believe me? I have proof.

Get a load of these Dress Pant Yoga Pants, which are exactly what they sound like. They're yoga pants masquerading as slacks. They give you the ability to wear your workout gear to work so you don't have to bother changing before hitting the mat once business hours are over.

And I know what you're probably thinking. "Yoga pants that double as work pants? Score! Who wouldn't want these?"

I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be caught dead in these things -- at the office.


Duh. Of course I'd wear 'em to go grocery shopping, run errands, or on most days when I'm working from home. (Or to yoga.)

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But on the occasions when I do escape from my kitchen island office and make it into my real office in the city? You can bet your ass I'm not showing up in workout gear.

And no, I don't care that they sort of resemble regular pants ... because they're not regular pants. They're super-stretchy and super-duper-tight, which means they really don't pass for acceptable office attire. (If you zoom in really close, they look like, well -- yoga pants.)

I'm not saying we need to get all dolled up to sit at our desks, but is it really so wrong to want to put at least a little bit of effort into looking nice around our colleagues?

I totally get the comfort factor. For reals. But it's starting to seem like casual attire gets a more casual definition on a daily basis, to the point where it's tough not to wonder if pajamas will suddenly become the new standard for office wardrobes.

Ok, ok, I'm kidding. Sort of.

And I guess I should go ahead and put it out there that as someone who works mostly from home, my opinion might be just a little bit biased.

Here's the thing -- I rarely get out during the week. Like ever. And that's why on the few occasions where I do have the chance to go into the office, it's actually fun to go beyond my typical uniform of jeans, leggings, or workout gear and put on a nice pair of pants or even a dress or skirt if the mood strikes me. I welcome the opportunity to look nice -- which is why I just can't imagine wanting to go a frumpier route simply for the sake of saving an extra 60 seconds. (Does it really take that long to change at the end of the day?)

Again, maybe I'd feel differently if my work situation were more traditional. But for now, I think I'll reserve lazy day attire for days when I'm feeling lazy -- and when I'm nowhere close to the office.

Would you wear these pants to work?


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