5 Steps to Giving Yourself the Ultimate Facial at Home (PHOTOS)

facialConfession: If I've got random, extra money in my pocket, I'm going to get a facial. It's one of life's greatest little pleasures; way better than a massage, in my opinion. And your skin always glows after. What's better than that?

But, as we all know, we don't always have the money and/or time to get to the spa for an hour of uninterrupted cleansing, extracting, and moisturizing. So, I started doing my own at-home facials.

Like I said, nothing will ever top a professional job, but I've picked up some tips over the years, and if I might say so myself, I think I might have perfected the at-home facial.

Here are 5 steps to the best at-home facial you've ever had.

  • The Ultimate At-Home Facial


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  • Steam


    You don't start your at-home facial by simply cleansing your skin. You start it by steaming your skin. Stand over a pot of hot water with a towel over your head for a few minutes before getting down to business. It will open your pores up, readying them for the products to come.

  • Cleanse & Exfoliate


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    After you've steamed, you'll want to apply your cleanser and exfoliator. I like to get a good lather going with my face wash, then apply an exfoliator on top of that. Leave the combo on your face for a minute or two. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Apply Your Mask


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    After you've rinsed your face wash/exfoliator mixture off (and lightly towel dried skin), apply your mask. I love anything from the Boscia or Ren line. Leave on for the time the directions say. Not longer, not shorter. The exact time.

    Cucumbers optional.

  • Take Mask Off With a Washcloth


    IAN HOOTON/Science Photo Library/Corbis

    You know how aestheticians take your mask off with a warm washcloth when you're at the spa? Do that. I've found that taking a mask off with a washcloth that's been rinsed with hot (as hot as you can take) water works wonders.

    And enjoy it, like this lady!

  • Apply Moisturizer (And Maybe a Serum) Immediately


    As soon as you've rid your skin of your mask, apply a moisturizer (I like Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream). And if your skin is dry or it's winter, consider adding a serum or vitamin E over moisturizer.

    Voila! You're gorgeous!

    (Note: Notice extractions are not part of the at-home facial. Please leave that to the professionals. No good will come of trying it at home.)

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