5 Steps to Giving Yourself the Ultimate Facial at Home (PHOTOS)

facialConfession: If I've got random, extra money in my pocket, I'm going to get a facial. It's one of life's greatest little pleasures; way better than a massage, in my opinion. And your skin always glows after. What's better than that?

But, as we all know, we don't always have the money and/or time to get to the spa for an hour of uninterrupted cleansing, extracting, and moisturizing. So, I started doing my own at-home facials.

Like I said, nothing will ever top a professional job, but I've picked up some tips over the years, and if I might say so myself, I think I might have perfected the at-home facial.

Here are 5 steps to the best at-home facial you've ever had.


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