8 Things I Miss Most About How I Looked in My 20s

20's beautyI absolutely love being in my 30s. Most of the time. Turning 30 was a rough birthday for me, but the last few years spent in my 30s have been more fun. I have been more sure of myself, my relationships, and my career. My marriage is much better and I love the security that comes from raising a family and owning a whole house (not just a condo) and not worrying about my bank account.

All that said, there are a whole lot of things I STILL miss about my 20s and most of them have to do with looks. Try as we might, we will never look as good as we did at 27. It's just a fact. One I recently confirmed when I came across an old bikini photo of myself. Three pregnancies and almost a decade later? Yeah. Not so much.

Yesterday, my sister (who turned 28 today) was lamenting her laugh lines (what laugh lines?), and it occurred to me to tell her: Appreciate your looks when you are young. They go fast. Here are 8 things I wish I'd appreciated about my looks in my 20s:


1.) My abs: I have thus far been lucky enough to be able to get back into my bikini after each pregnancy. But my abs have never been like they once were, and this last one (I am due next week), I am not so sure. It might be time to retire ye olde two-piece. Alas.

2.) Skipping makeup: Don't get me wrong, I still don't wear makeup. But now the look is more crypt keeper than dewy and fresh-faced.

3.) My boobs: I have always been on the rather voluptuous end of the spectrum when it comes to my breasts, and lucky for me, my husband still loves them. But they don't look like they did. And thanks to my kids, they never will.

4.) The ability to wear everything: That ship sailed when I turned 30. I don't feel appropriate as a mom in my 30s in mini skirts and heels.

5.) Shiny hair: My hair is still as thick as it always was, but shiny and new? That takes a lot more effort.

6.) My wardrobe: I miss the days of shopping only for myself and caring about what I wore. As a mom in my 30s, I care, but not nearly as much as I care about what my kids wear.

7.) My lack of cellulite: I never had any cellulite on my thighs until I was in my 30s. It's still in the upper region and not visible. But it's there and I know it.

8.) My weight: I was never one of those women who could eat anything I wanted without working out and not put on weight. But given the fact that I am an avid runner, I could pretty much never worry about dieting and keep a trim physique and a size four. In my 30s, it's not as easy. I have to run AND watch what I eat. Sigh.

What beauty things do you miss about your 20s?


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