Woman Goes 5 Years Without Washing Her Hair -- Eww! (VIDEO)

hairOMG. When I first heard about this, I had to read it twice to make sure I didn't misunderstand. Would you believe a woman named Jacquelyn Byers has gone five years without washing her hair?!?

No, not five days. Or five weeks. Or five months. Five YEARS, people!

It all started when she became leery of using regular shampoo because of the chemicals it contained. For a while, she switched over to organic and natural stuff -- but then she decided those products were too pricey. At that point, she started washing with apple cider vinegar and baking soda -- and then she gave up on shampooing her hair altogether. She now simply rinses it with water -- twice a week.

Take a look at this video to hear more and to see pics of how her hair looks.

Ok, so in the photos, her hair really doesn't look that bad. But I can't help but wonder if it smells fresh and clean -- without her using shampoo? Have you ever given your hair a good whiff after a couple days without washing it? Um ... let's just say it's not a very pleasant scent. But who knows ... maybe there's not a huge difference, as long as water is involved?

Back to her reasoning for kicking the shampoo bottle to the curb. I understand her being worried about toxins and such, but regardless of what ingredients are hiding in there -- I don't think there is any way I could go without it. Like ever.

The longest I ever go between shampoos is two days, though most of the time, I wash my hair every other day. This keeps it fresh, clean, but also healthy, since I'm not stripping it of oils by lathering up every single day.

However ... by day two? I can see the grease starting to build up on my roots, indicating that it's time to hop in the shower and take care of business. Ok, so once in a while, I'll use dry shampoo in a pinch, but 99.99 percent of the time, I wash with regular shampoo followed by conditioner.

I know how greasy a person's hair gets varies from woman to woman, but it seems hard to imagine her not getting at least a little bit of oil build up.

Maybe she's lucky enough to have this no-wash method work for her -- but I'm certainly not brave enough to try it.

How long do you go in between shampoos?


Image via anathea/Flickr

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jrphelps jrphelps

LOL!  I have gone up to 5 days with out shampooing & my hair didn't stink!

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

I knew a girl who did this, actually, she never used any soap (I kid you not, her "washing" her hands was giving them a once over with water).  She smelled TERRIBLE, i mean gag worthy.  no idea why she did it but many people complained and hated to be in the same room with her.

lalab... lalaboosh

I'm really grossed out by the claim that your hair stinks after not washing it for a few days. The only time my hair smelled bad from not washing it was when I'd spend a whole week in the summer sweating in braids at summer camp. Puberty + a hot sweaty week = slightly smelly hair. As an adult I've never had smelly hair even when it goes unwashed for days. Actually, going five days without a wash or rinse is common for me in the winter and my hair just smells like essential oils.

Katha... Katharine205

I wash mine every other day and by the end of the second day it does have that 'unwashed hair' smell.  I spritz a little perfume in it on the non wash day just so I don't feel like it smells dirty and I always wear it up on non wash days.  I was mine every other because I have fine, curly hair that dries out very easily and it's healther this way, but I can't imagine going 5 years without shampoo.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

If it works for this woman then that's great for her, but the thought of not washing my hair for years skeeves me out. Then again, I wash my hair everyday and never seem to have to problems with doing it that some others claim to have. If I skip a day, but the next day my hair is greasy and nasty-looking.

cmjaz cmjaz

Mine smells if i dont wash it. couldnt she use dove bar soap or something?

nonmember avatar kara whitfeild

Lalaboosh... I call bullshit on your comment! Lmao!

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I wash my hair once or twice a week depending on when it starts looking greasy but I rinse very well in the shower daily. When I do wash I never use shampoo I do the nopoo method (baking soda & apple cider vinegar). I never have a problem with smell other than right after I wash but once my hair dries the vinegar smell goes away.

nonmember avatar Michelle ford

Gross! I wash my hair every single day and my kids shower and wash their hair everyday also. I may let them skip a Friday night but Saturday morning before we leave the house you will be clean. I itch just thinking about going days and days without washing my hair .

sterl... sterling21

If she never puts hair products in her hair, or excessively sweats and brushes her hair, I can see how she could get away with not shampooing. She does clean her hair, just not with shampoo. And the more you shampoo, the more natural oils that keep the hair shiny and balanced are stripped away. Baby hair smells so wonderful because its perfectly balanced, most people don't realize shampoo changes hair chemistry. I use shampoo but not as much as I used to and my hair is much healthier.

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